Recognizing our generous alumni donors for 2023

At Homecoming in October we recognized the class of 1969 as the largest donating class for 2023. Congratulations to them! They were successful in overtaking the class of 1986, who was the winner for 2022.

We also announced the winner of the donor plaque lottery. It’s Thomas Fagan ‘62! His name joined 10 other generous donors in being recognized on plaques placed on all of the bedroom doors.

Thanks to all of our alumni who donated over the past year! Your contributions allow us to pay the bills, fund repairs, and keep the Chapter House operational. Our honored alumni for this year are:

Craig Robertson ’70

Thomas Fagan ’62

Peter Forker ’73

Thomas Young ’86

Paul Becker ’65

Jason White ’98

John Bury ’66

Robert S. Kier ’65

Ted Bluey ’69

Robert O. Walton ’62