• FY ’17 donor list

    FY ’17 donor list

    Thanks to everyone who has contributed to help meet our goal of $15,000 for the 2017 fiscal year. It’s your continuing support that allows us to fund repairs and maintenance for the Chapter House, pay property taxes and other expenses, hold regional alumni events, award the annual Zeta Alumni Corp. scholarship, and provide financial assistance […]

  • Update on the Chapter Adviser Situation

    Update on the Chapter Adviser Situation

    National has not yet identified a locally based candidate to take on this role, so we are looking for a Zeta Chapter alumnus to fill it on an interim basis. We will therefore be holding elections for this position during the Alumni Weekend meeting. Please contact me directly via Facebook or at brosenkrantz@zetaskulls.com if you […]

  • Board Meeting and Elections: The Alumni Corp. Needs YOU!

    Board Meeting and Elections: The Alumni Corp. Needs YOU!

    Some of the current officers are vacating their positions. It is critical that we get open positions filled by alumni who are willing to devote their time and energies to help the Fraternity, so if you ever considered stepping up to the task, now is the time! We need your help! ALL positions are open […]

  • Chapter Newsletter Spring 2016

    Chapter Newsletter Spring 2016

    Click here to read about how the undergrads are making good progress on turning the chapter back around again, and why the outlook for Zeta Chapter is an optimistic one.  

  • Alcohol-Free Property Policy Revoked, and Other Changes

    Alcohol-Free Property Policy Revoked, and Other Changes

    It’s been a challenging few years for Zeta Chapter and the Alumni Corp. Things are settling down now and are really looking up for the near term, so it’s time to fill you in on the changes that are under way. There are big changes. Alcohol-Free Property Policy Revoked On March 15, the International Headquarters […]

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Throughout the years, alumni of Phi Kappa Sigma have kept the fun and memories alive through donations both large and small. As the costs of keeping the House alive and well rise over the years, this aspect of our Brotherhood has never been more important. With PayPal, we've made donating easier than ever. Just click the Donate button below to help protect the financial state of the present and future House. Thank you in advance.


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Zetaskulls.com is proud to have a developing website that aims to be the social hub for all of the alumni of Zeta Chapter. Whether its getting in touch with the actives, organizing a reunion, or just browsing to bring back the memories, we hope this site will expand to serve as the instrument for keeping our Brotherhood strong and our Alumni together.