• Summer renovations

    Summer renovations

    Over the summer our House Maintenance Chair Charlie Ridolfi organized and oversaw several substantial improvement projects for the Chapter House, all of which were made possible by donations from Zeta Chapter alumni. Some work still remains to be done, but the house already looks much better than it did last year. Here’s a summary of […]

  • Alumni Weekend 2014

    Alumni Weekend 2014

    The Zeta Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma is pleased to welcome back its alumni and their families to the Chapter House. Dinner and Drinks Oct. 24, 7:30 pm Annie Bailey’s 28 E. King St. (near the downtown Marriott Hotel and Convention Center) www.anniebaileys.com   Dinner and your first drink will be paid for by the […]

  • Reunion Weekend 2014 pix

    Reunion Weekend 2014 pix

    A good time was had by all on a gorgeous June day. We have photographic evidence, which usually isn’t a good thing. In this case, no problem.


Giving Back

Keeping the House Great

Throughout the years, alumni of Phi Kappa Sigma have kept the fun and memories alive through donations both large and small. As the costs of keeping the House alive and well rise over the years, this aspect of our Brotherhood has never been more important. With PayPal, we've made donating easier than ever. Just click the Donate button below to help protect the financial state of the present and future House. Thank you in advance.


Get Back in Touch

Having Fun

Bring back the Memories

Zetaskulls.com is proud to have a developing website that aims to be the social hub for all of the alumni of Zeta Chapter. Whether its getting in touch with the actives, organizing a reunion, or just browsing to bring back the memories, we hope this site will expand to serve as the instrument for keeping our Brotherhood strong and our Alumni together.