Show your support before the year ends!

We’re making a last push in the 2023 calendar year to reach this year’s fundraising goal of $20,000.

While we’re only halfway through our fiscal year, we’d like to be closer to reaching our goal. And we’d love it if we could get there by broadening our base of alumni donors.

Whether you’re a consistent donor year after year but haven’t yet contributed this year, or if it’s been a few years since you last contributed, or if you’ve never contributed before, we need your support. As always, we ask only for whatever you’re able to give. Every contribution is important!

Where will my contribution go?

In the past three years the Alumni Corp. has made substantial investments in much needed maintenance to the Chapter House, including painting the entire exterior (2020), a partial roof replacement (2021), and replacing most of the windows (2023).

Over the summer we received a notice from the City of Lancaster that we must replace the front sidewalk. While we were able to delay it until the spring, it is an expense we were not planning to incur this year. Like the other aforementioned projects, it will cost more than this year’s fundraising goal of $20,000.

In addition to these projects, the Alumni Corp. depends on donations to pay property taxes, city licenses, utilities, and other maintenance and operating costs, while ensuring there is cash in the bank to account for the unexpected.

Alumni contributions also help fund regional alumni events, including the Homecoming Open House. And at Homecoming this year, the Alumni Corp. awarded $500 scholarships to two deserving undergrad members that will be used to defray their membership costs.

All of the above is only possible because of support from you, our dedicated alumni base.

Setting the example

At Homecoming we recognized our most generous donors with plaques placed on all of the bedroom doors. We also saluted the class of 1969 as last year’s largest giving class, at $1100. Will you help your graduating class surpass this mark for 2023?

Please join those who have already donated in 2023 and help us meet this year’s fundraising goal of $20,000. Make your contribution online via PayPal through our website at zetaskulls.com, via Zelle (ssklar@zetaskulls.com), or via Venmo (@steveman1234). If you’d like to send a check, email our treasurer, Steven Sklar, for his address.

Whichever way you donate, please include your name and graduation year. (Note that PayPal allows you to contribute via credit card but also takes a percentage of your donation as a fee.)

On behalf of the rest of the Alumni Corp. Exec Board and the active chapter, I’d again like to thank you for your continued dedication to our brotherhood. Best wishes for the holiday season and a happy New Year!